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Williams Legal Nurse Consulting

Williams Legal Nurse Consulting

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The National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants is the largest and oldest association of legal nurse consultants in the country. Registered nurses who have become members of the NACLNC® Association have completed the most rigorous certification training available in the statutory nursing consulting industry. Only Certified Nurse Legal Consultants (CLNC Consultants®) have been trained by the Vickie Milazzo Institute, an industry leader and founder of the legal nursing profession. CLNC certification is the first and most widely used certification for nursing consulting in the United States. Legal Nurse Associates serves as a link between the legal and medical communities. We focus on delivering exceptional services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will meet your expectations. We offer a variety of cost-effective and efficient services tailored to your needs. On-call www.legalnurse.com/certified-legal-nurse-consultants/naclnc-association/naclnc-association-membership mentoring: In 2019, Kathy decided to use her 18 years of experience as a nurse legal consultant to mentor new CNL looking to start or expand their careers with CNL.

Medical Records – A Treasure Map of Information Tennessee Paralegal Association Nashville, TN November 7, 2008 By combining medical knowledge with an understanding of the legal process, we are able to assist you in cases including, but not limited to, the service areas listed below. Medical Records – A Gold Mine of Information Alabama Paralegal Association Point Clear, AL 29. July 2008 LNCC Personal Injury Litigation Preparation Course – Webinar Series February 1, 2012 New opportunities for the nurse legal consultant in the insurance industry. Journal of Legal Nurse Consulting Fall 2008: 19(4): 9-14. American Journal of Nursing 2007; 107 (7): 61-64. Throughout her professional career, Jessica has always been recognized as the best in her field. Highlights include her selection from a pool of applicants from over 1200 international research-based pharmaceutical institutions as a leading speaker on clinical trial practices at the first International Symposium on Clinical Trial Practice, 4x greater international recognition in global research-based pharmaceutical publications, service as a clinical trials consultant at Duke University, one of the “Top 40 Students” to ever attend the Community College of Beaver County. since its foundation in 1966.

and has been an associate professor of nursing since the age of 25. In addition to her awards, Jessica holds professional licenses in several states and is a member of the American Nursing Association. Helping lawyers find standards of care Birmingham, AL. Samford University, AALNC EducationAugust 5, 2005 Have you had the opportunity to work with elite nurse legal consultants with real knowledge, not theory? With the volume of cases lawyers face and the ever-changing complexity of the healthcare environment, Legal Nurse Associates can provide you with invaluable expertise. Sheffield Nursing Acts, AL. Helen Keller Hospital; September 16, 2005 J. Caroline Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC began with a passion for attention to detail and quality assurance in nursing. The desire to find the right thing is at the forefront of every customer encounter. Critical Thinking – The Missing Link Presented at: AALNC Webinar September 2, 2020 Kathy appeared with attorney Clint Kelly on a quarterly television show called “Open Line” in Nashville, TN.

Kathy G. Ferrell received the 2011 Leadership in Health Policy and Law Award from Mercer University`s Georgia Baptist College of Nursing. 2013 Secretary/Treasurer American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants Patient Rights and Responsibilities (subject matter expert for business training video and patient document) Trinity Workplace Learning May 2005 2011 Associate member of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys. Kimberly Williams, RN, BSN, CLNC is the owner and senior advisor to J. Caroline Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC. I have the clinical knowledge, expertise and understanding to help you navigate your most challenging medical cases. Let me help you discover and understand medical and nursing issues related to your health, illness or injury for clients from birth to the end of their lives. Featured Topics for Legal Associates in Alabama Lorman Education Services Birmingham, AL June 29, 2006 Opportunities for CNL in the Insurance Industry National Convention AALNC Pittsburgh, PA March 26, 2010 Dickinson, J., Meyers, A., Huff K.J., Wipf, D.A., Zorn, E.K,. Ferrell, K. G., Mancuso, L., Pugatch, M.B., Walker, J., and Wilkinson, K., (eds.). (2020). Legal Nurse Consulting Principles and Practices: Fourth edition.

New York. Routledge. Critical Thinking in CNL Reports Presented at: Legal Nurse Consultant Summit on July 27, 2020. Ferrell, K.G. (Ed.) (2015) Nurse`s Legal Handbook: 6th edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.