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Who Plays Brooke Taylor on Legally Blonde

Who Plays Brooke Taylor on Legally Blonde

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Her: [understand] Brooke, your secret is safe with me. Has this person been officially chosen for this role? Click here. Brooke: I`d rather go to jail than lose my reputation. Mr. Callahan: Insurance? A love story? Pure hatred? Believe me; the D.A. will find many reasons. Her: You know, a girl in my sisterhood, Tracy Marcinco, once had a perm. We have all tried to dissuade him. The curls were not a good look for her. She had no bone structure, but luckily she entered the Pheta Delta Phi wet t-shirt contest on the same day, where she was completely from head to toe.

In 2007, she appeared alongside Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Extinction and played the character of Claire Redfield, who in the film is the leader of a convoy of zombie apocalypse survivors who travel to Alaska in search of refuge. Her role sent her to Mexicali, Mexico, for filming from May to the end of July, and required her hair to be dyed bright red. Larter explains his character Claire: “She became the leader of this convoy. She is incredibly strong, patient. I think she fills a role for everyone in this convoy, whether it`s a mother to someone, a boyfriend, a best friend. Despite negative reviews, the film grossed a total of $147 million worldwide.[27] That same year, she appeared with Hayes McArthur in the comedy Homo Erectus and played the role of Evelyn Garland in the biographical drama Crazy, based on guitarist Hank Garland.[5] After the court adjourns for the day, Callahan invites Elle to his office, where he sexually harasses her, touches her without her consent, and makes obscene comments. Vivian only sees touch and misinterprets this interaction as Elle trying to advance her career by sleeping with Callahan. In her anger, however, she does not notice Elle`s clearly visible body language and discomfort. After Elle leaves Callahan`s office and decides to leave law school altogether instead of reporting the harassment, fearing she won`t be believed and fearing the power Callahan has over her future, Vivian confronts Elle in an elevator and calls her. Her: [a sudden brainstorm comes upon Her] Ms.

Windham, have you ever had a perm? Brooke is also the widow of Hayworth Wyndem and the stepmother of Chutney Windham. On July 20, 2010, Larter announced that she and MacArthur were expecting their first child,[82] and later, on the September 10 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she announced that she was expecting a boy. [83] Larter gave birth to the couple`s son, Theodore Hayes MacArthur, on December 20, 2010. [84] In August 2014, Larter confirmed that she and MacArthur were expecting their second child that winter. [85] On January 15, 2015, she gave birth to a daughter named Vivienne Margaret. [86] Larter has two dogs, Jackpot and Ella. Larter played Clear Rivers, one of the main characters in the supernatural teen horror film Final Destination (2000).[87] Also starring Devon Sawa and Kerr Smith, the film`s premise follows several teenagers who survive a plane crash but are haunted and killed by death itself. Final Destination grossed $112 million at the end of its theatrical release. In 2001, she appeared in the comedy Legally Blonde with Reese Witherspoon.[18] She played Brooke Taylor Windham, a widow accused of murdering her husband. [19] The film took the top spot on its opening weekend with $20 million[20] and grossed $141 million worldwide. [5] With $96 million of its total gross sales in domestic markets, Legally Blonde Larters is the highest-grossing film in the country. She begins to tremble as she cross-examines Chutney, who testifies that she was home when her father was murdered, but did not hear the shot because she was washing her hair in the shower at the time (after getting a perm earlier in the day).

She then found Brooke bent over Windham`s body, but admitted that Brooke was unarmed at the time, as she had likely hidden the murder weapon. She asks Chutney to confirm her story and then asks why Chutney, who admitted to having had at least 30 perms before, would wash her hair immediately after a perm, as she would be well informed of the rule that you should not wet your hair in the first 24 hours because this would have disabled the ammonium thyglocolate. Since Chutney`s curls were still intact in the courtroom, she couldn`t have been in the shower and had to hear the shot and find Brooke with a gun in her hand for her story to be plausible. Release dates| Official websites| Business loans | Filming and production| Technical data Hon. Marina R. Bickford: I think the witness made it clear that she was in the shower. His first project was to reprise his role as Clear Rivers in the Final Destination sequel Final Destination 2. In an interview with IGN, Larter explained his return to the franchise: “When New Line asked me to come back, I thought it was great. They showed me the script and let me give my opinion, and it was really great.

The film grossed $90 million worldwide[25] and received mixed reviews.[24] A year later, Larter was associate producer of the thriller Three Way.[26] After that, Larter commented on future production efforts during an interview for Resident Evil: Extinction: “I certainly have a lot of different ideas and paths that I want to take throughout my career.” In 2005, she appeared in the independent political thriller Confess and had a role in the romantic comedy A Lot Like Love starring Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher.[27] Larter has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan (France, Indonesia, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Turkey and the United States), Glamour, Health, Seventeen, Self, Shape, Maxim, Esquire, Lucky, Allure and Philadelphia Style. [66] [67] She has appeared in print advertisements throughout her career. In 2004, she appeared in print commercials for Estée Lauder Cosmetics. She has appeared in commercials for Parfums de Coeur Designer Imposter Body Sprays and Stolichnaya Vodka. Brooke Taylor-Windham is one of the supporting characters in Legally Blonde. Brooke: I just enjoyed watching him change the filter. Brooke was once Elle`s fitness trainer and a member of her sorority. She believes Brooke is innocent, but Brooke`s daughter-in-law, Chutney, and cabin boy, Enrique Salvatore, say she is guilty and that they saw Brooke standing on Windham`s body, covered in her blood.

Brooke testifies that she loved her husband and only found him after he was shot. Larter returned to the big screen, playing the love interest of a successful but psychotic man (Matt LeBlanc) in the comedy Lovesick (2014). The film screened at the 15th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival and was released on VOD and in select theaters. She played the girlfriend “Fairweather” of a woman with ALS in the independent drama You`re Not You (2014), directed by George C. Wolfe and starring Hilary Swank, Emmy Rossum and Josh Duhamel. Larter played the title role in Marigold (2007) alongside Salman Khan.[43] The film was released in August 2007 and revolves around an American actress (Larter) who travels to India and enters the exotic world of Bollywood.[30] Filming took place in North India and London and began in June 2004. [30] In an interview with the BBC, Larter remarked that this role was “an opportunity to overcome my fear of singing and dancing because I have no professional training […] I really focused on the character and loved the journey she was taking and the experiences she had. [31] She received a seven-figure salary for her role in the film. [32] Brooke was exonerated and hugged her gratefully, they are later seen outside the courtroom with the press. Larter starred alongside Beyoncé and Idris Elba in the thriller Obsessed (2009) produced by Screen Gems. The film follows an office worker (Elba) whose marriage to Beyoncé`s character is threatened by the aggressive interests of an employee portrayed by Larter.[33] In an interview with Glam, Larter said she was “excited to have the chance to play a femme fatale.

I love playing dark and vulnerable women and a little filled with a crazy emotion. While the film was released to mixed reviews, Larter was praised by critics for its performance. [34] Derek Malcolm of the London Evening Standard found the film a “dark reworking of Fatal Attraction” and noted, “Larter as a pathological Minx is the best thing about it.” [35] Obsessed launched on its opening weekend with $28 million at the top,[36] grossing a total of $68 million, becoming Larter`s second film to reach box office in North America. This led to Larter`s third Teen Choice Award nomination and an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight with Beyonce.[5] In November 1996, Larter portrayed fictional actress Allegra Coleman in a joke on Esquire magazine. [14] When Larter talked about the cover and her subsequent fame, she said, “If the door opens for you in Hollywood, you`ll have to run with it. You know? [15] Larter is currently under contract with IMG Models. She got her first professional acting roles in 1997, when she appeared in several television shows.[16] .