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Bibb County Legal Organ

Bibb County Legal Organ

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AlabamaPublicNotices.com receives daily public announcements downloaded from Alabama newspapers about seizures, hearings, tender announcements, financial reports, orders, and other government activities that can be searched for newspapers, counties, and/or keywords. There are a number of different cases that can be filed with the Pro estate court after the death of a resident or property not resident of Georgia in the state of Georgia. The case is filed with the estate court of the district of the deceased`s residence in Georgia or in the county where a non-resident`s property is located. This website is a compilation of public announcements published in newspapers throughout the state of Georgia. GeorgiaPublicNotice.com provides access to national notices of seizures, hearings, tenders, financial reports, orders and other government activities that must be published 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The model forms and general instructions of the Probate Court of Georgia have been updated by the Council of Judges of The Courts of Succession to take into account recent changes in Georgian law. Accordingly, the Council recommends the use of the updated forms listed in georgiacourts.gov/probate/standard-forms/. It is recommended that you discuss the issues in question with a lawyer who practices inheritance or estate law. A lawyer can help you determine which procedure is best for your particular situation. Very often, there are other questions (e.g., Tax declarations, preparation of deeds, transfers of ownership, requests for benefits, notices to creditors, debtors` claims, etc.), which may also make it appropriate or necessary to use the services of a lawyer. Note: Clients must arrive by 4 p.m. to have sufficient time to complete all transactions with the court by 5 p.m. Payments will not be accepted after 16:30.

It is also your responsibility to correctly complete all forms that need to be typed or printed legibly. Staff are not authorized to perform office activities for the public. Staff will be able to answer all basic questions about standard forms and filing procedure deadlines. They will also be able to schedule uncontested hearings and tell you how other cases are planned by the court. The probate judge is legally obliged to remain impartial to all parties. The judge must treat each case as if it could be challenged. Therefore, the judge cannot advise you on the procedure that best suits your case. The judge is prohibited from discussing facts or evidence in a contentious case with a party unless all parties are present. You should not ask to discuss your case privately with the judge, and you should understand if the judge stops any discussion that seems to require the presence of other people. This is a joint effort by the Alabama Press Association and Alabama newspapers to provide additional access to important communications that are published nationwide and that may affect you. The public announcements that appear on this website are available free of charge AlabamaPublicNotices.com users and were originally published in newspapers in Alabama, the trusted source of all community information.

Email notification option for those who regularly need to search for public notifications, save search criteria, print multiple notifications at once, or receive automatic search results daily. The public announcements that appear on this website are available free of charge to users of GeorgiaPublicNotice.com and were originally published in newspapers in Georgia, the reliable source of all community information. by Chris Floore | Jul 20, 2018 | Community News, News If you are acting without a lawyer, it is your responsibility to determine or choose the appropriate procedure for your situation. The staff of the Probate Court cannot make the decision or selection for you, as this may constitute the unauthorized exercise of law, an offense under Georgian law. Neither the court nor the county can take responsibility for the bad decisions made by the staff, and they have been ordered not to give this type of advice.